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Sorbothane Insoles

Before Sorbothane introduced the concept of insoles in the 70s, runners hadn't thought to put anything in their shoes other than their feet. But once they discovered the health and comfort benefits that 94.7% shock-absorption delivered, runners were hooked. Today, in answer to the growing demand for ever-more specialized insoles, Sorbothane continues to develop superior technologies that enable all sports enthusiasts to do what they love to do, longer. Using the latest technology and medical information, Sorbothane aims to design insoles that minimize injuries and maximize performance, enabling runners, triathletes and other sports enthusiasts to extend by years their ability to train and compete. We hope to motivate this growing community not only by sharing our innovations but by also sharing our passion for life spent on the move.
  • Sorbothane SorboAir Insoles
    $21.99 Choose Options Sorbothane SorboAir Insoles
    The ultimate analgesic for dog-tired, beat up feet, SorboAir superbly balances a lightweight, air-infused composition of Sorbothane with heavy-duty cushioning. Upon cushioning. The result is three soft layers of soft...

  • SORBOTHANE UltraSole Insoles
    $28.00 $26.99 Choose Options SORBOTHANE UltraSole Insoles
    Reengineered to better protect the feet of runners and walkers seeking extra cushioning and energy return. Now with 40% more Sorbothane, UltraSole insoles selflessly bear the brunt of the impact from each stride and...

  • Sorbothane Classic Insole
    $25.00 $22.99 Choose Options Sorbothane Classic Insole
    Relieves Pain and Provides Protection Classic Full Sole Inserts are made of 100% Sorbothane® from heel-to-toe. Sorbothane® visco-elastic material provides maximum protection and comfort by absorbing up to 94.7% of impact...