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Gel Products

  • Silipos TheraStep Heel Cups
    $15.00 $13.99 Silipos TheraStep Heel Cups
    -Relieves heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis and heel spurs -Helps reduce lower back pain and discomfort -Silicone construction provides all-day shock absorption

  • TuliGEL Heavy Duty Heel Cups
    $18.00 $15.99 Choose Options TuliGEL Heavy Duty Heel Cups
    Maximum, all day protection and shock absorption delivered by soft gel heel cups. The maximum performance and protection of a heavy duty heel cup meets the suppleness and flexibility of TuliGEL in Tuli's Heavy Duty Gel Heel...

  • TuliGEL Heel Cups
    $17.00 $14.99 Choose Options TuliGEL Heel Cups
    Tuli's classic support in a lighter, softer but resilient gel cup. All of the shock absorption of our popular Classic Heel Cups with the softness of TuliGEL makes the Classic Gel Heel Cups flexible enough for any shoe and...